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  1. moritz 17h 51m ago

    Quote by Monu-chan Is it H manga? if not then I would really love to read it, because art style is really lovely.

    Hi Monu ! Excuse me for my late answer (too busy). Ai x Yajuu is' a shoujo manga for adults, but with no explicit love scenes. It's more romantic than ecchi.

  2. Pop-pu 3d 5h ago

    Quote by Monu-chan Coloring and everything looks really good!
    Just her winking eye look really weird, even the eyebrow of that eye isn't bent. Try to look for some references for drawing expressions.
    But aside from that, everything else looks really good!

    Thank you very much for your feedback and criticism, that's one thing that I really need. I will keep that in mind for future drawings!

  3. Steffi1690 1wk 6d ago

    Quote by Monu-chan

    Quote by Steffi1690

    There are two portion in scan, one is of Takuma in Oni form and other portion is of Aria.
    Did you updated scan with other image? it maybe take 2 days to get change apply sometimes.

    Yes that's the one I reuploaded - but I still can't see it...
    Well but it's okay if you can see it then I think all others can do except me.

  4. Steffi1690 2wk 0d ago

    Hey Monu!
    Can you please tell me what you see on this scan?

    Hiiro no Kakera#707343

    (I know the question is stupid - but I tried to reupload the scan and what I see is not what I tried to reupload. So I'm asking you what you see)

  5. Steffi1690 2wk 4d ago

    Quote by Monu-chan

    Quote by Steffi1690

    Quote by Monu-chan

    Quote by Steffi1690

    Quote by Monu-chan

    Quote by Steffi1690

    One word - WOW!
    It sound really really interesting! :D
    Just one question: is it okay to drink alcohol under age? I'm 19 and my brother 22 but we never tasted alcohol in our life because my mom is totally against it. =3=

    lol no one is interested in the rules! :D

    That's true xD
    I should rebel sometimes too but my mom will kick me outta home if I did xD

    Nah, just ask your parents about their youth :)
    (or better ask your grandparents about your parents youth)

  6. Huesin Moderator 2wk 6d ago

    Quote by Monu-chanOh I see! but never knew you know German :P

    I love to talk to all old friends but I don't really have time to talk without delaying messages. :/
    I feel better when I talk to MT friends, reminds me of time when I used to have a bright and cheerful personality. Funny how some life events changes our point of view about life.

    I feel you bro, Good luck for overtime! And take care! :)
    Back pain feels so normal when you sit 14 hours a day on chair xD

    Yesterday I finished this book called "Neighbor Dearest" it was an okay read romance finished in a day. xD
    The last novel I read that was really good was The Boy most likely to by Huntley Fitzpatrick. It was really good coming of age novel.
    What kind of novels you read?

    I've been talking to Angie, Val, Painter, Ghazalkashani, TheCompiler, Shimazaki on other site/WhatsApp. It feels good to talk to old friends.

    First warning for NOT trolling me xD

    Google taught me a bit of bad german :P Maybe I should ask Steffi-chan for real german lessons xD

    Thanks, you too take care :)

    Don't worry about delayed messages, it happens. I just remembered it took me six months to reply to a girl's message once. She got super mad at me. She didn't even want to hear my excuse, and I had a very good one ._.

    Life does that to people. It can change you fast, I know what you mean. For example, I used to be like that too, cheerful, always smiling, like all skeletons xP I used to talk to everyone without expecting much. It didn't affect me when they stopped talking to me, or when they gave me the cold shoulder, cuz there was many friends on MT, and new friends appeared all the time, but now friends only dissapear. Most online friends don't give a F%#k about real problems, or they get mad at you for no reason.. I don't know what's up with that..

    I was talking to a good friend once, and I made a stupid comparison. I told her that I was starting to feel like a tree. I mean, I told her that maybe people saw me like a stupid tree, and they thought I'd always be there for them, giving fruit, but even trees get tired of a$$hole birds who only want to take the fruit, birds who poop on the tree after taking everything, lol xP What I mean is, I got tired of always sending the first message. I'm not even mad at those friends, but I can't go back to how I was.

    Advice from your older bro: Don't be a tree. Choose your friends wisely. Avoid the birds who only admire the strong, the fake eagles. Also, don't take anything I said seriously xP Sorry for the rant. I should assume all good friends from the list are gone, right? I think that even if I had whatsapp and sent them a message, they probably won't reply back. And someone stole my cellphone not long ago, btw. Stupid life, lol.

    I used to read all kinds of books. The last book I've read was Soul Music by Terry Pratchett. It was nice. Elisa-chan likes that writer too. Too bad she also dissapeared. Hope she's doing fine..

    Sitting 14 hours a day sucks, I was there too. The funny part is, my back hurts less now that I don't do desk job xP The days at the printing house were hell on earth, but I miss those days, tbh.

    Third (fake) warnung for trolling the good people of MT! 300 more warnungs and you'll get a free kick :P
    (Seriously tho, I don't throw random warnings for no reason. I only gave one or two real warnings in my entire life, so don't worry, bro xwx")

  7. Steffi1690 2wk 6d ago

    Quote by Monu-chan

    Quote by Steffi1690

    Quote by Monu-chan

    Quote by Steffi1690

    One word - WOW!
    It sound really really interesting! :D
    Just one question: is it okay to drink alcohol under age? I'm 19 and my brother 22 but we never tasted alcohol in our life because my mom is totally against it. =3=

    lol no one is interested in the rules! :D

  8. Huesin Moderator 2wk 6d ago

    Quote by Monu-chanHello bro! Life has been living hell for me :/
    Having financial problems, because apparently study materials are getting expensive, so I'm using most of my allowance for buying art supplies for college. So no internet in computer for like 3-4 months. Depression hitting me hard, then new diagnosis; I have migraine now. College has been really exhausting as well, then home is never quite. =___=#
    I can't recall last time I read a manga properly or watched anime. Books are my savior these days. I wanted to talk to old friends so just spammed you. -3-

    How about you?

    Warnung is a german word. German makes everything sound more serious :P
    And no you don't xD but since you were so kind to send the first message, I replied to you.
    I'm glad you did, I stopped talking to people who wait for me to talk to them first. Those aren't real friends, imo..

    Wow, life has been treating you bad lately ._. Sorry to hear that. Depression is a bitch, man. Just hang in there..
    Well, for me it's the same, but not the same as you, obviously. Different people, different problems :/ It's hard to study when you don't have any money, I know what you mean, cuz I've been through the same. I have some financial problems now too, so I have to work double the time. There's no time to be on the internet anymore. I don't have migraines, luckily, only back pain. That sucks too. And I can't remember the last time I've read a novel or a good book. I've been reading random stuff, nothing enjoyable :/

    Btw, second warnung for not watching anime properly :P

  9. Huesin Moderator 2wk 6d ago

    Quote by Monu-chan *spams for fun* >:3

    First warnung for spamming the Guestbook page of an almighty Mod! xP
    Jk bro :P What's up? How's life treating you lately?

  10. Steffi1690 3wk 3d ago

    Quote by Monu-chan

    Quote by Steffi1690

    In school it was only 1 week long. But in college December is end of semester, so we'll get half month's vacation.

    I never knew about fasching, what exactly it is?
    Nah never cosplayed.

    Fasching is the same as carneval ^^ we have our own tradition in our village - the traditions are different from village to village. Most villages have a carneval parade - we do not have that.
    In our village the Fasching/carneval lasts 4 days. It starts on sunday where young girls and boys (age 15 - 17) are dancing in colorful dresses (boys in suits) and in the evening go home with the girl to eat something and after dinner coming back to dance again and to drink of course ^^. Monday is where the young girls sleep out and the boys are going to the women carneval (where ONLY married women and unmarried boys are) dancing and drinking. On tuesday morning the young girls are going to the mens carneval (where ONLY married men and unmarried girls are) daning and drinking. Then at lunchtime the boys are coming to get the girls and are going back home to the girls for lunch. At 3pm (tuesday) the boys and girls are dancing the Traditionell polonaise and after that all are celebrating the Fasching/carneval to the fullest ^^ In the evening going back for dinner and after dinner coming back again to dance and drink ^^ and at midnight we "bury" the carneval. Wednesday is "Ash Wednesday" where the Lent begins (meaning no meat for 40 days or where you shouldn't sin). But on this special Wednesday the young boys are going "Meat hunting" - they normal go to a household asking for meat and of course are getting something to drink lol - so it takes the whole day - those it ends our carneval tradition. ^^

  11. Steffi1690 4wk 1d ago

    Quote by Monu-chan

    Quote by Steffi1690

    Quote by Monu-chan

    Quote by Steffi1690

    Can't avoid computer screen because I need to work on computer in college but I'm taking things easier.
    Yeah only 1 week holiday. Now exam before Christmas then Winter vacation before next semester.

    Another special day?

    How long is winter vacation?
    Yeah it's a special day in the first or send week in february. It's called "Fasching".
    Ah did you cosplay?

  12. Steffi1690 4wk 2d ago

    Quote by Monu-chan OMG Steffi! This can't be more prettier!
    You made my day!

    When i looked throught the magazine and saw this my first thought was "I deffinitly know that Monu will fav it and perhaps leave a comment when online!" And I was right ^^
    I'm glad you like it and that it made your day. :D

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